How to take care of skin in summers


Sugary and oily foods help the toxins form debris Skin is the most prominent organ of our body. Hence it is really important to keep it safe and healthy and summer is the time when it is exposed to the sun the most.
Skin requirements in summers are quite different from that in winters. In summers, the hot temperatures can affect the skin badly and cause rashes, burns, blisters and in severity it can also cause cancer.
Following are some tips to take care of the skin:

1. Hydrate: In summer, the body tends to lose a lot of moisture. Hence it is really important to hydrate the body with fluids from time to time. Fluids like coconut water, lime water and normal water keeps your skin remain soft and self- moisturized. Also include fruits and fresh leafy vegetables in your diet to get that healthy digestive track.

2. Avoid the Sun: It’s a fact we all have learnt since childhood that the sun’s UV rays are really harmful for our skin. Avoid staying out in the sun for long hours, especially during the peak hours i.e 11am to 3pm, as your skin will be exposed more to radiations.

3. Moisturize: Moisturize your skin well. Make sure to load on lots of sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. Choose a sunscreen that is a combination of a moisturizer and high SPF. Cleanse and moisturize your skin at least twice a day to freshen up the pores and keep them healthy.

4. Exfoliate:  Make sure you exfoliate your skin at least twice a week as it will shred off all the dead cells and the dirt. Exfoliating will help avoiding clogging pores and will also help in better circulation of blood.

5. Count your Intake: For a healthy skin also matters your calorie intake. Sugary and oily foods help the toxins form debris under the layers of skin which bulge out as acnes and blisters.

6. DIY: Since it’s your skin you should be taking care of it. Practice do-it-yourself care for your skin to keep it healthy and refreshed.

7. Breathe: Stress causes a hormone named Cortisol and other hormones which commands the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Oil on the skin clogs pores which further causes skin problems like acne. It is also very important to let your skin breathe by not loading up makeup on it and if using it make sure to wash it off before sleep.