How to Prevent Hairfall


Dandruff and Itchy/ flaky scalp promote hairfall 1. Treatise your scalp situation: Dandruff and Itchy/ flaky scalp promote hairfall. Make sure that your scalp is tidy enough to let the follicles and the cuticles breathe and maintain health.

2. Your hair is what you eat: Taking care of your tresses isn’t enough if your diet isn’t rich enough. A poor diet could be the culprit behind your badly behaved mane, so make sure to load up on proteins, vitamins and iron – eggs, spinach, dals, salmon, chicken, etc., to fuel up your follicles from inside.

3. Oil Up: It is really important to grease your mane once a week for those luscious locks. Oiling the hair prevents greying, fungal and bacterial infections by forming a protective sheath around the strands. It also conditions, acts as a sunblock, nourishes the hair and keeps them healthy.

4. Striking the perfect balance in your wash schedule: Your hair might get brittle with a wash every day and if not washed for days they might break because of the greasiness. Hence it is really important to maintain the perfect balance between the washes. It is recommended to wash your mane 3 times a week.

5. Keep the heating products at bay: Hair can get severely damaged if exposed to excess heat. Your hair straightener and hairdryer could be blamed for it. Using those hot gadgets on a regular basis can deteriorate the condition of your hair. If you can’t do without it every day, apply a heat serum  before you style your hair. This will protect your tresses from getting burnt and dry. Use it but at the lowest temperature possible.

6. Relax!: It’s like increased stress levels are directly proportional to hair shredding. Your body’s immune system starts tampering the hair follicles when you’re super stressed, so learn to turn that frown to smiles. Work out, plan for movies, shopping – whatever makes you feel more relaxed and content.