Getting Best out of Your Cheat Day


If your cheat leaves you feeling miserably stuffed or guilty, you¯ve probably overindulged at some point.


Tips for better weight loss results
One can only live on healthy fat cutting diet for so long. Sooner or later you are bound to step out of your diet.
It is rightly said that when it comes to weight loss wandering every once in a while isn’t such a bad thing. By including your favorite foods (read: not so healthy) in your diet on “cheat days” can help you lose more weight and get healthier than if you tried to nix them entirely.

So how do you mix and match to have the perfect diet plan? Follow these tips for a high success rate:


1. Cheat early:

If you’re planning a big dinner out or evening hitting up the bars for your cheat day, think again. Some studies suggest that there is credence to the belief that eating later in the evening prior to bed can result in a significant, weight gain compared to consuming the same food earlier in the day. That means that your plate full of cake might not be as bad for your waistline if you eat them at noon rather than at midnight.

2. Limit the splurge:

Why use your cheat day as an excuse to stuff your face for 24 hours straight? Instead focus on a specific meal, in which you want to throw some of your dietary caution away! It’ll prevent you from overdoing it big time, undoing your efforts from the rest of the week, and winding up feeling like crap.

3. Focus on What you Really Want:

Let yourself focus on a specific snack or meal that has been on your hit list that week. Most people tend to spend their cheat day on alcoholic beverages, carbs or deserts.
If this sounds like you maybe you should rotate which food group you allow yourself during your cheat meal. Like for example if you’re craving carbs, maybe it’s time for your favorite pasta dish. But no, you should not add the alcohol and tiramisu to the meal. You can have one of those during your next cheat day.

4. Plan It:

If you tend to schedule your cheat days based on whenever a craving strikes, you’ll end up cheating every day of the week! And that’s not called cheating, that’s just deliberately gaining weight. Instead, it’s best to schedule out your food treats about once a week. Super-small cheats, like one square of a bar of chocolate can be scheduled every other day. This keeps your calorie intake in check and gives you something to look forward to.

5. Fresh foods over processed foods:

Weight loss is all about how fresh and healthy you eat. So even during the cheat day make sure you remember a few tips.
If you want to eat chips, choose the non-GMO, organic blue corn chips and make some homemade salsa.  If you choose a burger make sure it has freshly cut salad with it. Its amazing how these little changes can go a long way for a healthy body.

6. Slow down:

On cheat days, you may be tempted to dive into the buffet without a second thought. But we need to remember that cheating is for enjoyment and does not require you to race through. To help yourself slow down, snack while you chat, it gives your stomach time to tell our brain that it’s full. Hence you end up eating less food, and probably while having a better time that you would if you shoveled food into your mouth all by yourself.

7. Keep yourself hydrated:

Dehydration and hunger feel a lot alike. So make sure you drink plenty of water on your cheat days. This will let you eat your pizza by being not that hungry. You’ll still indulge, but hopefully not to the point of making yourself feel sick. Plus, if you’re putting away high-sodium foods like baked goods and chips, getting enough water can actually help prevent cheat-day bloating.


8. It’s all about how you feel:

Make sure to pay attention to how you feel. After your scheduled cheat day has come to an end, it’s time to access how you feel—both physically and emotionally. If your cheat leaves you feeling miserably stuffed or guilty, you’ve probably overindulged at some point. Or maybe that heartburn is your body’s way of saying that so much of indulgence was just not worth it. The goal is to end the cheat day feeling good and ready to take on your next week of healthy foods.